For The Unmarried

Trial and error is most costly!

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For The Married

Has your marriage become a dead-end?

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There’s A Major Problem We Are Looking To Solve

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About Us:

When we started our marriage 25 years ago, we were not ready in strategies but our hearts was ready. Our background provided us with strong core values which we have been able to articulate through the years.
We both came from fatherless homes and therefore our dads did not show up in our wedding, but we showed up and we were going to work at this! We have grown through the journey and today we teach, train, mentor, and groom many into their destinies from their marriages and families. Winning Relationships is our training and development hub and we look forward to a global expansion as we work with you.

For the Unmarried

Are you in a relationship, and looking to get married soon? The information below is specifically for you!

There is a huge uncertainty around who is who? It is easy to impress with some “acts of kindness” or “helping a damsel in distress”, and wrong motives do not easily show up.

Many men and ladies we deal with had good initial impressions and “great starts” in their relationships and marriages. But sourness and bitterness sets in when the foundations are wrong!

You do not need this PAIN!  Trust me, it is terrible pain!

So please do your heart, life  and (probably children later) the biggest favour ever!

How to prepare before you start…

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For the Married

Is your marriage facing challenges? If you would like help in getting things back the way they were, then this information is specifically for you!

If you are not working on that MARRIAGE daily, it can suffer from “lack of maintenance”. Rusty marriages are no fun, at some point only the daily routines are moving.

It can move from bad to worse, without much effort, you know. Then either both or one spouse wants out! Do not allow your marriage to end up badly.

You can close all exit routes. Tend your MARRIAGE GARDEN and ENJOY THE FRUIT yourselves. You can call others to share from time to time like we have during our 25th Marriage Celebration!!

You will Understand these and more:
  • Updating & Equipping Your Marriage Treasure Box
  • Understand the Blessings of Conflict
  • Money Is Not Your Problem
  • How To Keep the Fires Of Intimacy Burning
  • How To Lose Weight
  • Understanding Sex In Marriage!
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